Our Mission

Friends of Prentice is committed to superior healthcare spanning the full spectrum of a woman's life. We fund leading edge initiatives that improve the quality of health for women and infants in our immediate community and across the globe.

Who We Are

Friends of Prentice harnesses the creativity and resources of a diverse and engaged volunteer board, sharing a common passion for women's health. Working in partnership with Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Prentice Women's Hospital, our organization advances the quality of care provided to women by investing in emerging technologies and medical advancements including groundbreaking research, clinical care programs and advanced educational opportunities. We nurture a proud legacy of philanthropy and volunteerism as we strive to improve health and wellness throughout the arc of a woman's life. To learn more, please view our video page.

Carol L. Bernick



Christopher J. Newton
Wendy Freyer
Vice President, Secretary
Alice Lin Geene
Vice President, Treasurer
Natalie Brown
Vice President, Membership Co-Chair
Meghan Gill
Vice President, Gala Co-Chair
Patty H. Henderson
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Connie Lindsey
Vice President, Philanthropy Co-Chair
Laura Linger
Vice President, Special Projects
Sharyl Mackey
Vice President, Gala Co-Chair
Trina Gordon McCallister
Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships
Linda K. Myers
Vice President, Membership Co-Chair
Catherine D. Nardi
Vice President, Grants Initiative Co-Chair
Kay O’Halleran
Vice President, Philanthropy Co-Chair
Julie E. Vander Weele
Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships
Michael P. Walsh
Vice President, Grants Initiative Co-Chair


Joanne Fitzsimmons Abele
Michael B. Arrington
Camille Baxter
Cecil Booth
Michael C. Borders
Serdar E. Bulun, MD
Jennifer Butsch
Kath M. Carter
Randy Fifield
Mary L. Gallo
Erica C. Goldman
Lee P. Golub
Mark W. Haller
J. Alex Jacobson
Elena M. Kamel, MD
Kimberly Kenton, MD, MS
Lynn M. McGovern
Kelly Penry
Stanley M. Pillman
Lee P. Shulman, MD
Melissa A. Simon MD, MPH
Cheryl Skender
Braden Smith
Brittany A. Smith
Adam Snyder
Michael L. Socol, MD
Dora Stojka
Eileen Timmins
Lisa Trimberger